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Sunday, February 19th, 2017

John A. Gehrisch

Laughter and being a sneaky jokester remain central to this April Fools’ Day baby boy. While that’s more than enough to endear John Gehrisch to anyone, he’s much deeper and more complex, with compassion ever-present just under the surface.

My husband and I played in his foursome for my first-ever round of 18 holes of golf. John could not have been more patient, giving, and encouraging. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed sharing travels, celebrations, and the calm quiet of home.

When health challenges found him fighting for his life, immediately followed by his marriage crumbling, he earned our respect even more. John Gehrisch did not mope, grumble, nor bad mouth. He simply picked himself up and turned the page.

Now he has turned his insights and wisdom into a book to help others through their life and relationship jungles. A first-class pro in every way, I knew Gehrisch would drive his message home… long and straight down the fairway. I am pleased to have written his companion book, “The Bimbo Has Brains… and Other Freaky Facts.”

Leave it to him to hit a hole-in-one with his very first book. No wonder even Presidents of the United States have turned to him for advice. I am honored to introduce the author, John A. Gehrisch, and I am even more honored to name him among my dear friends.

Cathy Burnham Martin