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Hi John, Finished your book. It was great! Laughed like an idiot. I am not a golfer, so I'm passing it on to my golf friends who will love it as well as to my poor ignorant males friends who are oblivious to the female gender and how we are programed. Funny you reference Men are from Mars and Woman from Venus. I loved that book. Your stories had many emotions. I went from sad to happy, to thrilled, to laughing.

I did listen to the narrator on the teaser. He sounded fine to me and made me very curious as to what your friend had found in his pocket! So I was looking forward to finding that in your book. Interestingly your thoughts as to what creates an affair with the "secretary", the lack of appreciation etc was exactly what happened! Though I have felt exactly the same way myself and it did not make me stray. Why do you think that is? Integrity maybe, strength of character, family values and moral code, stupidity, believing everything would turn out? I really don't know. Blessings to you saving marriages, these words of wisdom you wrote are indeed brilliant and should be taught in school to our young. They are words for both parties involved and the relationship must want to be saved or it may fall on deaf ears. Ego and vulnerability step into this big time, some would rather die on the sword then let their vulnerability show. Many give up on a relationship before they would admit weakness and being human after all. They don't know what to do or say to do nothing. That would be a whole other book for you to write....! So I tried to learn something about golfing through your book, and enjoyed it. You have had a lifetime of experiences that are so interesting and wonderful.... Life brings a lot of questions and experiences, challenges and wins. I would love for relationships to be easy and last the way our parents did.... Tracy

Ken via

I am a golfer so I read the back cover and decided to buy the book. It is an easy book to read that is hard to put down after you start reading. It was more than I expected. It was not just about golf but about relationships and interesting funny golf stories. Congratulations John on writing an enjoyable and positive book. I enjoyed the book in its entirety however Chapter 19 (Ken and Julie) brought tears to my eyes. What a special and rare true love they had. It is so rare that people find their soul mates. What a beautiful thing to fulfil her wishes to have her ashes spread over 14 of their favorite places around the world. I can only imagine the experiences and the memories that each of those special areas must bring back. I am going to go work on my golf game and my personal and work relationships.

Brad Langer, Narrator

I have been a professional narrator for many years. I have read wonderful stories for many brilliant authors. Since I do warm reading, on rare occasions I must break from the booth to recompose myself after reading a Chapter. Such was the case with The Golf Pro Has Heart which made me constantly think as he shared relationship secrets few have ever heard, entertained with stories that range from humorous to emotion filled. Part way through the book, I felt compelled to call John and thank him for the opportunity to be a part of such a unique book. He drew me in holding me to the end as each Chapter was unlike the previous. I can not imagine anyone not appreciating this read. I tried to do my best to reveal its inner secrets to you in the audio version. This is one of the best I have ever read.

Amazon Customer

Don't let the "Golf" fool you... (but if you do Golf, this book is an absolute gem!) This book is a must read for anyone who wants to gain some knowledge and wisdom that will help them be a better partner (person) in a relationship they value and cherish. Young people should read this and take it all in and be patient enough to know youth doesn't afford you all of the answers about having a loving and fulfilling relationship (yet) but this book can help. Mature adults will enjoy this book especially if they are teeing it one more time in a new relationship and have learned it is important to choose wisely and be sure your mate is truly compatible. Enjoy the read - I can't put this book down..! GWS+DSB

Laura H., Entrepreneur

"A wonderful perspective on finding love and happiness peppered throughout clever, short golf narratives. A thought provoking and entertaining read that I didn't want to put down."

ExecDavis29 via

"A must read for anyone thinking of having a relationship of any kind if you want it to be good. I loved this book. Starts a little slow, then gets better and better and better as he builds the foundation as he puts it. I learned so much about relationships. I can see how men and woman would benefit in a huge way from the secrets you never hear about here. I do not play golf, but I actually loved the golf stories, because they get into things unrelated. Some of the pranks are hysterical. I hope this comes out in audio. I want to listen in my car again as I go to work."

Amazon Customer via

"I must admit, since I do not play golf, I was not sure how I would like it. But to my surprise, I loved it. I felt it started a little slow, but I stayed with it, and I am so glad I did. I learned a TON!! So many things I never thought about before that makes so much sense, and a lot I did not know. I actually enjoyed the golf parts, because most turned out to be stories, pranks, and jokes played by world class golfer most anyone would recognize. I have to say, I want to read it again. I will be a better partner for my girl going forward now. I am excited to bring more to our relationship in the future, but even more important maybe, is I will understand her better now. Maybe it is not completely true that men will never understand woman. Maybe woman can actually understand us also. The keys are presented. I think I get it now. I wish I could listen to this on audio. I hope he comes out with that. If you are reading John, I will buy that also if you will make it available. Thanks so much for sharing all this!"

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